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Faehunden's OBOY


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Date of birth : 5.1.2006


Reg. No.: DKK 01896/2006

Z Reg/BOC/3095/-09/06/09

ISDS 293631


Chip No.: 208224000500386

Breeder: Charlotte Lyngholm-Kjarby, Kennel Faehunden´s

Owner: Petr Burdík, Vsetín, CHS Draco Bohemia + Beata Štýbrová


Teeth: complete, scissors



DNA CEA: normal

DNA TNS: normal (2009)

DNA CL: normal (2009)

PRA + cataract: neg. (2006,2007,2009, 2012)

Glaucom: neg.(2009)

HD : 0/0 - FCI "A" - 2007

2014 - examined sperm, lower quality (less sperm - low probability of conception bitches)


Stud male - NL

Stud male - ČR - 53/61cm




IHT 2, IHT1, Trial 1



2009 - Novohradský pohár: TRIAL 1 - 2nd place/10 teams

2014 - Czech Championchip: IHT2 - 3rd place/12 teams


Videos - herding

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2009 - APU BROWN Tender Flash (1+6)

2009 - Anette z Újezdského ranče (1+6)

2009 - Cézare Aibara (3+4)

2009 - Amélie Brouček (2+7)

2010 - Buba Mara Deabei (3+2)

2010 - Ariel z Korunova Dola (4+2)

2012 - Aťka z Moravských meandrů - no pregnant

2013 - Dorka z Temných hvozdů

2014 - Ariel z Korunova Dola - nezabřezla

2014 - examined sperm, lower quality (less sperm - low probability of conception bitches)


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Siak came to us in his 3 years. First owners did agility with him in Danmark and second owner John Jansen prepared him for high trials in Holland.

We found Siaka for our Pumi in time when John offered him for sale(he was prepared for herding yet) ...so we were very happy to buy him from to Czech Republic (with kind help our friend Laila Ooms.)


Siak is very fine dog. He is self-confident but friendly. He is calm at home but he has right drive and speed during sport activities. He has gene for herding but for retrieving too. He loves wather and swiming. He has not reaction on shooting.


Siak is no show dog, but he is very nice dog from working lines. He has nice firm body, excellent agulation, chest and forechest, back, low and neck line and still masculine head with nice ears.

His movement is typical for herding dogs .