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APU BROWN Tender Flash


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Date of Birth: 16.2.2006

Date do Death: 27. 8. 2022


Reg. No.: CMKU/BOC/1544/06

Tatoo No.: 1544

Chip No.: 961001000034803

Breeder: Kateřina Dědičová (Tender Flash)

Owner: Jakub Štýbr


Teeth: complete, scissors



PRA + cataract+glaucom: neg. (2006,2008, 2011)

CEA: normal - both parents DNA normal

Hips: HD 0/0 (FCI - A) - 2007

Elbows: 0/0 - 2007

Backbone: negative - 2007


Stud female:




COMPETITIONS: dogfrisbee

more about Pumi

Europe Champion dogfrisbee 2007 (superminidistance)


Training/Exams: IPO-V (81/79/94), ZVV1 (75/76/81), RH-E (92/96), BH(50), ZPU1, ZOP (99p)


SHOWS: Exc.2, r.CAC (complete results)



2008 - Detania Victory - C - Deabei (4+3)

2009- Fahunden's Oboy - D - Deabei (1+6)

2010 - Astra Fox - E - Deabei (4+5)

2011 - Vigour Bohemia Alké - G - Deabei (2+4)

2012 - Border Bay The Perfect - H - Deabei (3+1)

2013 - A3 Fort Victory Daithi Gee - I - Deabei (0+1)





Pumi is sweatheart with an devil inside her body - dominant, happy, dynamic, fast border female very friendly and sensitive to all people. Among other dogs she gives oneself airs and is looking for something to guard. Anyway she is social to other dogs.

Jakub trains her intensively to dogfrisbee and they also track, do obedience and protection for fun. Time from time they come for rescue training in rubble and Pumi seems to very talented for that. She likes barking, loves people and do not care at all about the terrain she is walking on, dark or hights.

In protection Pumi has huge drive and like it very much but the bite is not strong enough. She likes to retrieve anything anyway she is not the "real" retriever as she would naturaly prefer to keep the prey for her self ot of the handler.

Pumi is excellent swimmer and likes to jump into the water. She is positive to any food...

Pumi has no shooting reaction and she has genes for herding.



The 13.10.2006 was Pumi in TV,