XAI Deabei

Date of Birth: 21.6.2010


Chip: 978000001236604


Breeder: Beata Štýbrová

Owners: Beata Štýbrová


Teeth: compleete, scissors


HD: 0/0 - FCI "A"(2012)
ED: 0/0 - FCI "A"(2012)
spondylosa: 0 (neg.) - 2012

PRA+cataract: neg. (2013)


Brood female


Character test KCHBO: 99p/A - without shooting reaction









2014 - Arthos Künberg (no pregnant)

2015 - Boco Moravia Merilen (no pregnant)

2016 - Mescalero Dog Arabat (no pregnant)

2017 - Mescalero Dog Arabat (2+7)

2018 - Pram Deabei (8+0)



About Xai:

Xai was chosen from puppy age for Hanka Abrhámová, but fate had a different and Hanka took the dog out of the litter - a boy Xapp Deabei . Xai was perfect, but Xapp was an even bigger fool of everything. Xai was avalaible and she went to our friend Jarda Kudláček .

Xai grew up in a housing estate in the apartment, the family along with Amiel Balpoa. When Xai was two years, Jarda unexpectedly died and Xai stayed together with Amiel in his family ... Unfortunately Xai´s family without Jarda had not time for her, money and good place...so Xai started to be very unhappy there, a lot of barking in the flat many hpours closed there, not good food...so we decided to take her back and find her new better home.

Xai were less than three years and was in very poor physical condition , absolutly no muscule!, emaciated, but cheerful and full of energy. After a few weeks, when we received her back to normal condition, we started to understand how amazing it is female, and because no right home for her sport ability we decided to keep her by us.

What is the Xai ?

I can write three words - energy, willingness and joy.

It's incredibly cheerful and kind dog. A little crazy in all, 100 % retriever, with a strong hunting and predatory instinct, loves water and also people and our Sofia and other children. She is very social with dog pack.

We started practicing according to IPO. And there is a very fast, cheerful . It has a vigorous defense, very lively and willing obedience and loves traces , even though the heart of the hunter learns quickly.

I see her with her mother, Delphine, but more lovely with people. She is friendly, loves people, children and the cats quite well : o)