AMIEL Balpoa


Date of Birth: 9.11.2006

Date of Death: 15.11.2017


Chip: 203098100214254

CMKU/BOT: 1224/06

Breeder: Blanka Poláčková,

Owner: Tereza Holečková, Praha 9 + Beata Štýbrová


Teeth: complete teeth, scissors


HD : 0/0 - FCI: "A" (2008)
Elbows : 0/0 (2008)


Stud female 62/63cm


ZZO (49p)

Character test KCHBO: 99/A, no reaction on shooting




The Best Puppy, VP1



2010 - Prot Deabei - (1+1)

2011 - Prot Deabei - (4+3)

2012 - Samlo de la Terre Aimee - no pregnant

2013 - Ralko Deabei - no pregnant

2014 - Hooper Deabei (1+3)

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more photos...


about Winky :

Amiel came to us by chance. Breeder and friend Blanka called me that there are very promising tervueren female between her blac puppies, with a large mask and a lovely nature. Everything happened very quickly... because since that time I did not want another member to our dog pack (I have actively practiced with Delphine and Atu, Jakub Pumi and Anee), so Amiel found the new home by Monica Votýpková (owner Ener Deabei). She was there unfortunately only into her 5 months. Monika had to unexpectedly change the housing and employment and she had not right time for Winky (Amiel), so I found new home for her by our friends family Holečkovi in Prague (owners of older tervueren bitch Aisha Mirrabelka - daughter of our Oski) and one cat. Change of owners was for Winky was hard...she was afraid of some strange people, very immature, and were suspicious of strangers. But thanks her pleasant sweet nature, relaxing family, she began to behave normally again.

What Winky really is now?

Winky is a sweet and totally easygoing female. It is easy to handle her, friendly to people, children, naturally guards, like playing and retrieving. Terka Holečková it worked out just basic obedience and she is now primarily a family dog and darling. It is a wonderful companion.

Does not have any reaction to the shooting, fireworks or storm.

She is very interesting for breeding for me... her mother is a beautiful, healthy and balanced nature of French groenedael sr.s.MCh Ursine du Clos Agapornis, father is a French tervueren s.r.Usky du Crepuscule des Loups. I love her excellent type, black eyes, nicely cut head, short compact body and absolutely no response to the shooting, or strange noises.