planned puppies


sport x show litter - Summer 2017


Bazz Moravia Merilen, HD:A, ED:A, BH, SPr.1 x Ginna Elmar Slovakia, HD:A, ED:A

pedigree here...


mating: 1.+3.5.2017

Unexpected mating ...but we decided... to mate our Ginna Elmar Slovakia, HD:A, ED:A daughter of our s.Ich. Prot Deabei, IPO3, ZVV3, FH2 and fantastic working female Karla z Polytanu, police SK with lovely dark male with huge temperament Bazz Moravia Merilen, SPr.1, FPr.1, BH, HD:A, ED:A son of Ch. Corsini Maxime, B.Tr. and Klch. Saki Deabei, BH. Both parents have not show titls, but I like them very much - Ginna has top agulation, foreches, long neck and blood of Karla and RE.Delphine Erlander, IPO3 and Bazz has excellent head, black eyes and compact short body. Both are crazy retrievers!

We expect nice tervuerens with high temperament for any sports - obedience, agility, but also IPO for fun and exams.




working litter - Spring 2017


Espoir du Marfran, RING 3 x s.r.Ut. Juki Tarkatan, IPO3, CACT, wc FMBB
rodokmen zde...

Mating: Summer 2017


We expect real working tervuerens with clear mind, balanced, strong in protection, but social and normal in normal life...

Espoir is living legend...he competed in 93 competitions, 75x RING3...he is very friendly male, but very strong on protection, great jumps and focus for work.

Puppies should be fine for IPO, RING sports and for police, or searching people, drogs...

We expect right puppies for IPO, RING sports, to police or army.

Puppies will have excellent socialization, they will live in our family, with children.


Puppies are ready for fine people who knows what working dog needs...