tervuerens - autumn 2019

for sport, for breed, for tervueren lovers and active people



Pram Deabei, IPO3 x Ch.BIS. Oliva Deabei, ZM, BH






mating: 1.+2.7.2019

date of birth : 1.9.2019


2 males + 5 females


all reserved


males: Finn, Focus

females: Finta, Fire, Fixa, Fory a Friday



Pram Deabei, IPO3 (Diwan de Kerpigent, RING3 x s.r.Ut. Juki Tarkatan, IPO3, CACT, FMBB 2015)
+ Ch.Ch.BIS. Oliva Deabei, ZM, BH (s.r.Ch. Hooper Deabei, IPO3 x s.Ch.Zea Deabei, ZM)

Pram...is one from great Juki´s sons...clear head, strong nature, friendly with people, normal with dogs, high temperament, strong prey drive, excellent food drive. He starts compete in IPO3 this year. He comes from healty litter 9 puppies, all HD:A, ED:A, complete, scissors, all 6 males testicles. His brother Plus Deabei, also IPO3 (starts compete in IPO3 this year in Germany), his sister Pepsi Deabei, IPO3 (competitor in Norway + FMBB 2019), Pepper Deabei, IPO1, Pivo, Peanuts and Porto trains Mondioring and Pierre is official rescue dog in Germany...but there are also many great half littermates Ch.Tr.Charon Deabei, 5x CACT, IPO3, 2x FMBB, FCI, Ch. , Chanuka Deabei, Mondioring2 - many great results in competitions, Cholla Deabei, IPO3, China Deabei, IPO3, Cholti Deabei, IPO2 (8 from 9 litters Xrayed and 7 HD:A, one HD:B) and young Zuki Deabei (drug finder).
Pram looks like some dogs in 70´s years, with nice paralelism in head, nice athletic body. He produced VERY nice litter with Xai Deabei, show line female, similar line like Oliva is. All puppies (B3) looks more nice than Pram and have very nice open friendly temperament, ready to sport.

Oliva is special show line female...she is FULL of energy, crazy, with absolutly pleasure for owner and work, she is resistat to pain (by helper), no shooting reaction, friendly to people, CRAZY and TOP retriever, high food drive. She has more nerves and she had not right socialization first year unfortunately, so she is not self-confident how I like. But I sure with her priority. I like also her first litter with s.r.Ch.Grimmendans Nayko, IPO2 (balanced show like dog).
She came from my the biggest love s.r.Ch.Hooper Deabei, IPO3 (grand son of my RE.Ich. Delphine Erlander, IPO3 and very nice stable strong but still elegant s.Ch.Zea Deabei, ZM, daughter of s.r.Ich. Atu Ketunpolun, ZVV1, BH, LA2. Oliva is only one Zea´s daughter and offspring in breed.


I expect puppies for sports, for lovers of tervuerens - interesting combi for show line´s future....only for fine active people!