tervueren Spring 2020


Pivo Deabei, BH x Navada Deabei, CSAU, TAN




mating: 9.11.2019 - pregnacy confirmed

date of bith : 8.1.2020


3 males + 4 females

males: Harko, Humi, Hyro

females:Hennie, Hera, Hippie, Hope


last male for reservation


Pivo Deabei, BH, HD:A, ED:A, spondy:0, SDCA1+2:N/N, připravován na MR1 (Diwan de Kerprigent, RING3 x s.r.Ut.Juki Tarkatan, IPO3) x Ch.Nevada Deabei, CSAU, TAN, HD:A, ED:A (s.r.Ch. Hooper Deabei, IPO3 x Isengard´s Drum)

Pivo and Nevada are very nice together, they are outbreed, but with strong genes from lines out RE.Ich.Delphině Erlander, IPO3 and s.r.Ut.Juki Tarkatan, IPO3.
Navada is lovely family dog who lives in family Jana Bucherová in Prague. Nevada is great companion for family traveling, but also loves play, retrieving and she has not shooting reaction or reaction on fireworks. Pivo has clear head, absolutly balanced open temperament, always happy dog, great jumps, retrieving, who works for the owner. He has also great defence and he is training for Mondioring. Both parents are friendly with people and Pivo also very kind with other dogs.
Puppies will not be "TOP working dogs" or "TOP show line dogs ", but they will be still enough nice with more stabile in temparemant. Also new blood will be benefit for future breed. Also they will be ready for many dog sports. Both parents are smaler medium.

We are looking for people who wished nice more balanced tervueren, who are active and full of love.

Puppies lives by Jana Bucherova in Prague, it is our external litter - but we will visite them every week - so enjoy for pics :)


working tervueren summer 2020



Giro de la Fleche de Cupidon, RING3 x Finka Deabei, IPO3



Date of mating: 29.1.+30.+.2020


Giro de la Fleche de Cupidon, RING3 (Tobby du Domaine de la Jurence, RING3 x Eva de la Piece de l'Assaut - from working malinoises) x Finka Deabei, IGP3 (s.r.Ut. Ulhan du Musher, RING3 x Karla z Polytanu, police dog)

We decided for last Finka´s litter for Giro.
Giro, almost 9 years old dog, with successful offsprings in Switzerland, unrelated to everything what I breed. Higher middle dog, compact body, on longer legs, beautiful neck, nice head, mask, black eye, enough rich color for working line, excellent jumps, confidence, normal in social. The father of Tobby du Domaine de la Jurence, RING3, excelled in beautiful jumps.

It is Finka´s second and last litter. Finka Deabei, little weasel with a big heart, who competed in the top IGP with dignity for four seasons. Mother of three very promising agility bitches in the Czech Republic (Apple, Aqua and Andora Deabei) could again give interesting dogs not only to agility, but of course also to sports, mondioring and other sports.


Litter will be bred with us.


Litter is open for reservation for right fine people.