working/sport tervueren litter

- "B4" Deabei


Mistral du Domaine du Bouchonnois x Lavi Deabei




Mating: 28.2.2024

Date of birth : 1.5.2024



5 males + 4 females

(2 males + 1 female avalaible)


males: Berlin, Best, Bingo, Bowie, Bruk

females: Bazuka, Bjork, Boheme, Bora





Mistral du Domaine du Bouchonnois, RING3 - French stud, son of the legend of the French ring Tarzan de Favara, RING3 (three-time participant in the French selection for the championship), half-brother of the famous Ch.Tr. Espoir de Mafran, more than 70x RING3... Today almost eight years old, smaller medium dog, full of energy, balanced, extremely fast, stands out with full firm bites. He works as a service dog, detector of weapons and ammunition, successfully competing with his owner Madelena Frederic in RING. Absolutely normal, balanced, friendly dog.

Lavi Deabei is a daughter of my beloved Ulu from Gratsiano, CACT, IGP3 and Jango de la Plaine Cheyennes, RING3. Medium female, full of energy, social and friendly and they complement each other perfectly with Mistral.


External litter with Jana Pospíšilová, from the 4th week the babies and Lavi will be with us :)


Only for people interested in sports/in the service and above all nice people

working/sport tervueren litter

"C4" Deabei


Obiyoung Kylo Wren, K9 x Crocsy dei Gloria Doberville, IGP1




Date of mating : 30.3.2024

Date of birth : 31.5.2024



5 males + 5 females


4 males avalaible


boys: Carti, Cobain, Comix, Crac, Croco

girls: Coco, Costa, Combi, Cuba, Cymargl


Breeding can be one big adventure.
The plans for Crocs were a little different, but then I wrote to Mairen.
"Crocsy is in the season, it's a shame you won't be in Europe until April!"
"Well, I don't have a flight booked yet.... When will he have good days?"
"He goes for blood work on Monday and will definitely be covered that week..."
Nothing happened on the chat for a while, and then a message came:
"Well, I have a plane ticket for Monday, I'm coming to Germany..."

And so it happened that a Portuguese female living in the Czech Republic was mated to an Australian dog living in the USA and the mating took place in Germany

Kylo is a split Tervueren from Australia, assembled from the great Malinois of Europe (world champion Mecberger Chortoryiski, Mecberger Duunari, Lupano Duke, Kasper Airport Hannover...)
It is medium in size, very athletic, and goes well with Crocsy.
Kylo has a clear head, is completely social, normal in everyday life, friendly (he travels with Mairen under the seat on the plane as an assistance dog),
but at the same time he has a great drive and a hard, uncompromising defense... He bites into the ring, where he has firm, naturally full bites.

Crocsa is a daughter of FMBB World Champion 2016, mondio Hot Dog des Deux Sabres, MR3, RING3 and the great Aruba Kninept, MR3 (c. MS FCI mondioring)
stands out for his great commitment, hard work and naturally has genius jumps.
Even with her "ring" head, we conquered IGP1 this year (96/94/100) and will continue in the fall. Crocsa is a friendly bitch, a strong retriever, prey.

Both parents - Kylo and Crocsa are healthy.


Puppies have the prerequisite not only for IGP/ring sports, for service,
but I recommend it for rescue (Crocsa is extraordinary), but also for agility (the dog is smaller and both jump great, are fast and have a clear head),