working litter - Spring/Summer 2017


Iguan du Fosseret , RING 3 x Ulu iz Gratsiano, IPO2

pedigree here...


Mating: 25.+26.+27. 3. 2017

Date of birth: 23.5.2017



6 males + 3 females


males: Valnoot, Vano, Veget, Viper, Visky, Volt

females: Vampari, Vendeta, Vuki



It is our special litter...because Ulu is special. She is a very strong female with fantastic protection and tracking "from God"...she is very calm and easy at home, in kennel in the car, her obedience is for me, she loves our family...We found Iguan for her, because he is special also...young male, Winner RING1 on France Tervuerens Championat in his 1,5 years...Many times RING3 from his 3 years. Male with great speed and jumps, very strong protection and obedience work for owner...friendly with people.

We expect right puppies for IPO, RING sports, for police or army.

Puppies will have excellent socialization, they will live in our family, with children.


Puppies are ready only for fine people who knows what working dog needs...