A3 - working/sport -Spring 2018


Charon Deabei, 2x CACT, IPO3 x Finka Deabei , IPO3


pedigree here...



Mating: 28.12.2017

Date of birth:28.3.2018

3 males + 5 females

males: Amstel, Android, Atlas

females: Active, Alpha, Andora, Apple, Aqua



Combi Charon and Finky... is "dream" combi for people who which social, open, working dog, enough nice looking with great athletics od body...


Both are great but super together...Finka is small female full of drive and extremly energy, top atletics and speed. Charon is powerfull male, medium size, with absolutly "clear head"... Both are balanced, self-confident, very friendly with people, open, they know to live normal life by their owners but also compete on high IPO competition between the best working malinoises very well...

Both parentns are from clear working lines, but still look very nice. Finka is very small, but with excellent body shape, long neck, super agulation. Charon is medium male with huge coat for working dog. They are not relative together!


Charon and Finka come from health puppies full litters, where majority dogs do any sport (the bets - Cholla - IPO3, CHolti - IPO2, China - IPO1, Chanuka - Mondioring2, FMBB, Farrel - IPO3, VS, Farka - IPO3, Frisko - policie SK) Charon is son of our Juki Tarkatan and great D'Jakson de Nelly des Beaux Peupliers, RING3. Finka is daughter Karly z Polytanu and top stud male in France Working champion Ulhan du Musher (video zde)


We expect puppies for IPO/mondio/ring/but also for high agility and obedience....but only for very good people who knows BB, train and life with them.


video´s Finka:

MČR CMC 2016 - obedience

MČR CMC 2016 defencea

video´s Charon:
4 roky - promo - tracking/obedience/defence

2017 - VS IPO ČKS -obedience

2017 - VS IPO ČKS -defence