working litter - Summer/Autumn 2017


Heres du Cami de Catheric, RING 3 x Farka Deabei, IPO3

pedigree here...


Mating: 18.6.2017

Date of birth : cca 20.8.2017


pregnacy confirmed on sono

Farka is Finka´s, IPO3 sister a siter Farrel, IPO3, she is medium size, family dog and first working dog of onwer Anna Pavlů, she lives in Germany.

Farka´s priority is her speed, drive and very nice friendly open temperament. Heres is out RING malinoises, he is strong male, but ready to work and open and friendly. Litter will born by Farka´s owner in Czech, after 4 weeks we will welcome puppy by us :)


Puppies from this combi will be very promising for IPO, MONDIO/RING, rescue training, but also next dog sport agility, obedience...


Reservation is possible...