tervueren - for shows, for sport, for active family


Pram Deabei , IPO1, HD:A, ED:A, SDCA1+2: N/N x Xai Deabei, HD:A, ED:A



mating:18.-19.4. 2018

date of birth: 19.6.2018



last male avalaible

Boris Deabei





Father is young amazing Pram Deabei, IPO1 (Diwan de Kerprigent, RING3 x Juki Tarkatan, IPO3, littermates Pepsi, IPO1, Plus IPO1, half-littermates Ch.Tr.Charon, IPO3 Chanuka, mondio2, Cholla, IPO3, Cholti, IPO2, China IPO2...). Pram is trained for competition in IPO, he is balanced male, with clear head, strong prey drive, full bite, friendly open and happy temperament.
Mother is Xai Deabei (sister of Jch.Xapp Deabei, IPO3, daughter of RE.Ich.Delphine Erlander, IPO3, ZVV2, halfsister of A3Ch.Ykuk Deabei, Czech Chapion FCI + BB, 2nd on FMBB 2017, World Champion teams FMBB 2018, halfsister of Ich.Prot Deabei, IPO3, ZVV3, FH2...). Xai is tall, nice, full of coat female with high drive and temperament, she is crazy retriever, nice open friendly temperament with people and with obedience for owner...

We expect sport puppies, dark colour and enough nice looking for people who wish sport tervueren with a little different pedigree.

Only for fine people!


Some males are avalaible.


Puppies live by co-owner of Xai in Kroměříž.