working tervueren summer 2020


Pivo Deabei, BH x Jch. Tambourine Deabei





Date of mating: 8.5.2020

Date of birth : 8.7.2020


5 males + 4 females

all reserved


males: Jacek, Jam, Jappeloup, Jari, Joska

females: Jáva, Jayda, Joko, Jula




We decided for beautiful and healthy working male Pivo Deabei son Diwan de Kerprigent, RING3 and our s.r.Ut. Juki Tarkatan, CACT, IPO3, FMBB 2015.
Pivo is the naturaly open friendly happy male, with great drive, retrieving, balanced and clear head, no conflict with dogs, full of energy. He is father of our young litter with Ch. Nevada Deabei, CSAU, TAN. He is preparing for mondiorning with his owner Irena Bart Pešková . He is medium (62cm) enough strong male, nice red colour, with lovely expresion. Brother of Pram Deabei, IGP3, Pepsi Deabei, IGP3, FMBB 2019, Plus Deabei, IGP3, Pierre Deabei (rescue licence), Porto Deabei (OB1+training MR)...all his littermates HD:A, ED:A...+ half brother of Ch. Tr. Charon Deabei, 2x FMBB, WCH FCI, 5c CACT, IGP3...
Tambourine is the small show line very nice female, who is in our co-owning with Monika Kodrasova . She is happy temperament female, easy going, loves play, but also a little spoiled and soft.
Tambourine is sister of show succesfull and friendly balanced male Ch. BIS.Twister Deabei, (Cruft´s 2019 - Post Gradute - 1st place, Limit Dog - 2nd place)
Both parenths are healthy: HD:A, ED:A, spondy: neg., OCD: n/n, Pivo is also tested: SDCA1+2: N/N


I expect interesting puppies for active people - for sports - obedience, agility, dogfrisbee, canicross, also for bite work "for fun", also should be interesting for next breed (outbreed for many pedigrees in the World).

We have nice experience with mix this both lines - combi of our Delphine and Juki - (litter B3, litter F3, litter H3) - offspring looks more typical than working father but also more stronger in mind than show line mother.


Tamburine lives with their owners but she has puppies by us.

working tervueren summer 2020


Viper Deabei, BH x Quality Deabei, BH



Date of mating : 7.6.2020

Date of birth : 7.8.2020


4 males + 3 females


boys: Kansas, Klemm, Kodak, Kovy

females: Kari, Karma, Katana


all are reserved



My dream combination...
Viper Deabei, BH (Iguan du Fosseret, RING3 x Ulu iz Gratsiano, IGP3, CACIT) x Quality Deabei, BH (Hubert Domaine D´Emyty, RING3 x Chanuka Deabei, Mondioring 2, 2x FMBB)

Viper is one of the greatest son of my Ulu. He has TOP prey drive, pleasure for owner, self confident bite and real protection, normal social, friendly open male. He is family dog but his owner Jaruška Targošová also trains IGP with the assistance of her training group. Jaruška is older and very small lady, fantastic person, not a professional dog trainer, but they have plans to make some od the IGP exams.
Viper is medium male, very athletic, gris colour, nice shaped head for working.
Quality Deabei is the only daughter of Chanuka Deabei, MR2. Very social, open, friendly female, nice looking, red colour, smaler size, athletic movement and jumps. She trains rescue training with her owner Radka Černochová and also some mondioring biting for fun (Quality loves it).

Viper Deabei: HD:A, ED:A spondy:0, SDCA1+2: N/N , Character test CMC: 5555555 (max points), all his 9 littermates HD:A, ED:A
Quality Deabei: HD:A, ED:A, spondy:0, SDCA1+2:N/N, character test CMC: 5555555, (max points), 6 littermates HD:A, ED:A

Combination od Viper and Quality is back line for TOP stud male Tarzan de Favara, RING3, 3x Championat RING od France and Tixie du Domaine du Caméléon, both are parents of legendary Espoir du Mafran, 96x RING3...

Puppies wil be great for any sports (IGP, RING sports, rescue, canicross, obedience, agility...) and only for fine people...

External litter with Radka Černochová.