working tervueren - winter 2020/21

Ulu Gratsiano +

Jango de la Plaine Cheyennes, RING3

(Giro de la Fleche de Cupidon, RING3 x Brooke de la Plaine des Cheyennes)



date of mating : 14.+15.10.2020


We chosed French Jango for the penultimate litter of Ulinka.

Jango is a 6.5 year old medium dog, with excellent movement and jumps, confident defense, excellent social, retriever, prey. We also had the opportunity to be at Jango's training at the Landres club, where they train.

They complement Ulu perfectly.

Ulu is a confident tough bitch, she excels not only in defense but also in odorous work. Dissected from the best Malinois, many of them world legends (including 2 World Champions) is a huge benefit for breeding working tervueren.


Puppies only for serious and experienced people interested in training - IGP, RING sports, obedience, tracking, rescue.