sport tervueren - Spring 2021


Ch.Oliva Deabei, BH, ZM + Pivo Deabei, BH


date of mating : 23.1.2021

date of birth: 25.3.2021


5 males + 3 females


males: Madoc, Marco, Moby, Moris, Murat

females: Maffia, Mamba, Marvel


last male avalaible - only for active home




I like Pivo for Oliva.

We have already used Pivo Deabei in two different litters (H3, J3) with two different bitches from the show line and the puppies are great!. Pivo is a dog from the working line, with a clear head, balanced, friendly, retriever, prey, fast, with excellent jumps, medium ideal size, healthy, from our one of the most successful litters - P2. The owner Irena Pešková is preparing for mondioring1.

Oliva is a strong, elegant bitch, very temperamental, crazy about everything - even life, she has more nerves, but a huge commitment to everything, a crazy retriever, a good friendly bitch.

They are completely unrelated to each other.


Puppies will be suitable for active people, for all possible dog sports.

Only for nice people, interested in the breed.