pE. Cabor van Labayo


Date of Birth : 2.4.2002


NHSB: 2400457

CMKU/BOT/: 2947-05/02/06

Chip : 528140001164638

Breeder: B.Steltenpool, Nizozemsko,
Radim Kuriljak, Litvinov + Ing. Beata Stybrova


Stud male (NVBH) - Selected - Netherland (2004)

Stud male (KCHBO) - Recommended


Character test NVBH - socialization, shooting, defense - Very good

Character test KCHBO - 100p


64/60 cm


HD: 0/0 - FCI:"A"

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PRA+CATARACT (eyes): neg (2005)

Teeth: complete teeth, scissors



Czech Municipal Police Testimonial (2006)

Cabor works by Police Czech Republic in Litvinov.


Exc.1, r.CAC, r.CACA


2004 - La Prestige van de Lamar (2+6)

2005 - s.r.Ch. Noa Waterloo Star (8+3)

2005 - Gale Mia Sixty Six (6+2)

2006 - Mustantuiskun Xandrina (3+6)

2006 - Jch.Bijou Comme un Reve Noir,B.Tr. - G (2+0)

2007 - Jch.Ch.Ucayal - Errata Terwipon - pyometra

2007 - CELESTA z Henrisaru - (3+3)

2007 - Hedis Dog Arabat - (3+3)

2007 - KORAD TJH Salltorps Busy (2+1)

2007 - Brita Tradice - (7+4)

2007 - Yonna Rudolfovská skála - no pregnant

2007 - Hukkarullan Catapultti - female absorbed embryos

2007 - Phiera van de Lamar (3+4)

2007 - Adriane Nobby Rock (3+5)

2007 - Tarsa Borka (3+4)

2008 - Yonna Rudolfovská skála (2+3)

2008 - Bailla Oridix (1+3)


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About Cabor:

We have Cabor from his 3 years, when we got him from Dutch breeder Bernadien Steltenpool. Previous owners of Cabor - André and Ingrid wanted a family dog. In spite of Cabor loved all their family, he is not a calm family dog...

Presently he stays by our friend Radim Kuriljak in Litvinov who trains Borro in police defence drill.

Cabor is rough dog, dominant and absolutely balanced character - close to working malinois. Nevertheless it is a show line tervueren.

Borro is very friendly to all people, but those who wants to attack his owner Radim should be aware! He is retrieval freak, loves water and swimming and of course all bitches. But the same way he hates all males...


Borro in words of his previous owners André and Ingrid:

Borro is a dog with a lot of energie, and a very strong personality (real male). He's nice towards people, needs consequent leadership, perfect working dog, needs room for expansion, always ready for action. Does not avoid conflicts, excellent defender. Loves to be cuddled and having attention.


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