N - Deabei

Date of Birth: 30.3.2007


Celesta z Henrisaru

Celesta z Henrisaru











pE. Cabor van Labayo

pE. Cabor van Labayo


males: Nannuk, Nick, Nomour
females: Nadia, Nancy, Numa

Nannuk Deabei

Chip: 972000000508283


Owner: Domenika Milewsky, Wien, Austria


Teeth: complete, scissors

Diseases : epilepsy - first attack 3/08


Shows : Exc.1, Jugenbester


Exams : BH (78p)

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Nick Deabei

Chip: 972000000463998


Owner: Jiří Hossinger, Patokryje


Teeth: complete, pincers



Died: 2.1.2018 - 11 years (karotitidis)

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Nomour Deabei

Chip: 972000000465844


Owner: Vladimír Václ, Jilemnice, CZ


Teeth: complete, scissors

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Nadia Deabei

Chip: 972000000466683


Owner: Nateal Pogliano + Michele Pfeifer, Snowmass, USA


Teeth: complete, scissors

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Nancy Deabei

Chip: 972000000469926


Owner: František Tůma, Kamenický Šenov, CZ


Teeth: complete, scissors


Died: 19.1.2018 - 11 years (stomach cancer )

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Numa Deabei

Date of death: 25.6.2007


Chip: 972000000462949


Owner: Alena a Vasil Pješčakovi, Patokryje


The 25th of June was Numa Deabei put to death because. In the Analytical laboratories in Plzen was proved the Hydrocefalus internus – non hereditary progressional defect.


Numa was always calmer and slower among other puppies and from the 8th week we

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started to observe crumbled walk, hunched back and tiredness. Numa was immediately investigated and cured on the clinic LIVE in Litomerice, where they could not find the reason. She got worse and worse and in 11th week she almost stoped to walk, she fell down, crashed into things, slept a lot so after consult with the vet we decided to put her to death and make the autopsy...