Jch.XAPP Deabei

Date of Birth: 21.6.2010


Chip: 978000001237078


Breeder: Beata Štýbrová

Owners: Hanka Abrahámová, Kennel Moravia Merilen + Beata Štýbrová


Teeth: complete, scissors


HD: 0/0 - FCI "A" (2011)
ED: 0/0 - FCI "A" (2011)
spondylosa: 0 (2011)

shoulders: neg. (2011)

eyes: clear (2016)

clear 2013 + cataract - left eye positive (6/2013) - control 2016 (6 years) and absolutly clear and healthy

from cca 2016 testicular atrophy - sterile :(


Stud male: 63/61cm

Character test KCHBO: 100p/A



IPO3(75/95/93), IPO2 (83/94/86), IPO1 (75/97/89)

BH (55p)


OB1(227 - Exc.), OBZ(268-Exc.)


The Best Working of the Year KCHBO:

2015 - 4th Best tervueren (IPO), 4th Best tervueren (obedience)

2014 - 7th place, 4th Best tervueren, 6th Best BB (IPO)


video - training protection (2 years)

video - training protection (2,5 years)


Competition obedience :


7.MR CR BO+AO - OB1( 266,5 bodu - Exc.) - 3rd place

Czech team FMBB 2016, France - OB1

Cituška Cup - OB1(299Exc.) - 1st place


- Czech Championchip KCHBO ČR BO + AO - OB1(Exc.-227b) - 3rd place

- Sheltie and Collie Cup - OB1(VG.-214p) - 1st place



4x CAJC, BOB Junior,

CAC, 2x r.CAC (SK), r.CACIB, Juniorchampion CZ





2013 - Atu Ketnupolun - (2+3) - I2 Deabei

2014 - Alin von Therner Berg (2+1)

2016 - Bastdals Kari - no pregnant

2016 - Saki Deabei - no pregnant

2017 - Saki Deabei - no pregnant



About Xapp:

Xapp is simply my love. From babies.

Hanka Abrahamova and me wished female from our X-litter, which will be in same nature like my Delphine and Hanka can train with her IPO. All the puppies were very clever, social, mooring, retrieve article, but from the 7weeks Xapp was other. He was the smallest puppy, least hairy, but he was everywhere. On the other hand, he was quite independent, dominant, intense game lasted the longest of all the puppies. In the "fight" kidnapped physical and psychological pressure, as well as his half-brother Prot. He had extreme drive as a young, such as his mother Delphine had.

Hanka wanted to "Delphine" and so she got Xapp. I dare to say that Xapp is the most Delphine from all the descendants of Delphine. Xapp has "heart" and either has or does not have a dog, train it can not. This heart has over Delphine, but better nervs and very good social with stranger people.

Xapp grew to beautiful dog, medium size, excellent type and a compact body. Hanka is trains IPO with him. Xapp is an excellent tracker,he has beautiful cheerful quick and exact obedience with Hanka. His defense is aggressive, predatory and fast - it has excellent switching between excitement and calm moments. He has not bad reaction for shooting.

Xapp is 100% retriever, with a high temperament, strong hunting instinct.

It is not a dog for everyone, but it's dog my heart and in combination with suitable bitches can be of great benefit to the breed, just his energy, enthusiasm and focus.