A3Ch. Klch.Jch.YKUK Deabei

Date of Birth: 31.1.2011

Date od Death : 5.12.2023 (tumor on shoulder) - almost 13 years


Chip: 900088000270936

ČMKU/BOT: 5151/11

Breeder: Beata Štýbrová

Owners: Jakub+ Beata Štýbrovi :o)


Teeth: complete, scissors

- missing P3 (left up) after accident

Brood female




HD: 0/0 - FCI "A"(2012)
ED: 0/0 - FCI "A"(2012)
spondylosa: 0 (neg.) - 2012

- broken finger on front paw in 3 months

thyroid: normal (2015)



LA3, LA2, LA1

Character test KCHBO: 97/A



Competition agility :

2015 - Czech Individual Champion (video)

2015 - qualified to EO 2015 (video)

2015- 10th place FMBB 2015

2014 - World Championchip FCI - 15th place/teams (videos)

2014 - 9th place FMBB 2014

2014 - 2nd place - Czechampionchip Berger Belge 2014

2014 - Czech Champion Team FMBB

2013 - Czech Champion Berger Belge 2013

2013 - Czech Champion Team BB(Daffy Těchlovice, Ykuk Deabei, Mima Deabei)

results of his all competition here..

Agility Champion A3Ch.


Working - agility dog KCHBO:

2015 - The Best Agility dog KCHBO, The Best BB, The Best groenendael


Competition dogfrisbee:

2013 - Quadruped Czech Champion 2013



2x CAC, 2x ČKŠ, r.CAC, 2x CAJC, 2x BOB Junior

Junior Champion

Club Champion KCHBO 2013




FMBB 2017



2016 - Il Signor G Dei Baci di Dama (5+1)

2018 - Starbuck de la Terre Sauvages (2+4)



About Ykuk :

My dream was to keep black male from last litter of our Delphine...but Delphine had different opinion and had only 6 females... All were smart and looked very nice - my favorite was Yukki and Yum. But we decided that if we keep female she would train dogfrisbee and agility with Jakub and Jakub wanted to make his own choice. So no Yukki or Yum, but Ykuk... the smallest black girl with a lot of energy.

Ykuk´s life began somewhat miserable. In 3.5 months while jogging in the forest, she tripped and came roaring on three legs. What looked like a stretched ligaments in the wrist, were treated and examined at two big veterinary clinics almost one year ... Ykuk constantly closed in dog cage in the house and walking on the leash, because the activity and more running brought her back to remarkable lameness. In her 11 months we visited the third vet clinique, where did X-ray of full front leg and discovered that she had fractured upper ossicle of the middle finger, which subsequently healed wrong... So, after a year Jakub started slowly burden her and coaching. Although today she does not limp even after extreme ballast, impaired left leg at rest lightly dials, relieves so and for this reason the authorization and movement decreased slightly at the withers. In nine months, also she lost her one new tooth PM3 during playing with the dog (Zetti Deabei!), so show career is somewhat we limited by Kuky to the minimum possible.

Ykuk was extremely lively as a puppy, but she is relatively quiet. She knows to save energy, she can relax easy but while in the performance she is very fast. Jakub trains her on agility and dogfrisbee. She has a very nice jumping technique.

She's a good bitch with a big drive to do something, without unnecessary nerves. Friendly to people, social to dogs. Kuky is an excellent natural retriever, with a large hunting and predatory instinct. She completed a few lesson of biting protection and it would be fun for her - she would be very good for protection as show line dog, swift and strong and does not respond to the stick. She passed the TAN on National Elevage 2012 with mark Excellent+.

She has no reaction to the shooting. She likes swimming.