s.r.s.Ch.Jch.PUTEE Deabei, LA3

Date of Birth: 26.8.2007

Date of death: 11.8.2015 (tumor in stomach)


Chip: 965000000068281

CMKU/BOT/: 3286/07

Breeder: Ing.Beata Štýbrová

Owner: Jakub Štýbr


Teeth: complete, pincers-level bite

Brood bitch

selected to breed (KCHBO) - s.

selected (CFCBB - Francie) - s.r. - Sujet Recommande




HD: 0/0 - FCI "A"
Elbows: 0/0 - FCI "A"

Spondylosys: 0

PRA+cataract.: neg. (2011)

5/2010 - operation(accident) - knee cruciate ligament + destroyed meniscus

2014 - castration


DNA profil



CSAU, TAN Excellent

Character test (KCHBO): 92p/A

LA3, LA2, LA1

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2x FMBB agility

Dog Chow DiscDog Cup 2009 (Czech Cup - Final order) - 1st place

Dog Chow Disc Cup 2009 (Polish Cup) - Finals freestyle - 1st place; Finals SuperPro Toss+Fetch -1st place

Dogfrisbee EC 2009 (SuperPro Toss+Fetch) - European Champion 2009

Dogfrisbee EC 2009 (Freestyle) - 6th place

Czech Dogfrisbee Championship 2009 (Freestyle) - Czech Champion 2009

Dogfrisbee EC 2008 (SuperPro Toss+Fetch) - 2nd place

Czech Championship for Belge Bergers 2011-agility - 4th place



Exc.1, 2x CAJC, 6x CAC, ČKŠ, 2x r.CAC, r.CACIB, 4x CACIB, 3x BOB, The Best Young tervueren, Winner Special show SK 2009

CAC(SK), r.CACIB - Světová výstava 2009

r.CAC - FMBB 2009

NE 2009 - Excellent 7 (medium class)

NE 2011 - Excellent 4 (champion class)

FMBB 2011 - Excellent 2

Club show Belgum 2011 - Excellent 1

Juniorchampion CZ

Slovakia Champion



2011 - Samlo de la Terre Aimee (6+0)

2012 - Hastur de Laqhorna (4+3)

2013 - Charme Noir de la Closerie Yenda (0+4)

2014 - Omega du Bois du Tot (endoscopy insemination - no pregnant)

2014 - Gordon du Souvenir d'Otonne - death puppies 6 days before birth - castration


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At the beginning Putee was not our choice, she just remained for us. Jakub could not decide to keep the puppy either from Ysel (Odeta) or from Delphine. At the end he decided for Delphi's drive and madness to retriev even Odeta had perfect character, loved people and was very lively. At the time he has decided, 3 bitches of 4 were already reserved so we waited which one is going to stay for us. The only thing Jakub was looking for was the strong will to retrieve, speed and temperament so she would be promissing for dogfrisbee and agility. Also he was hoping that she will not be too nice to participate at shows .
Putee was the smallest of all puppies and in the age of 6 weeks she started not to run in front of the strange people when we had some visitors. So Putee stayed with us, nobody choose her because of her shyness.

She was mad about aports of all sizes and shapes from the very beginning with huge predatory instinct... The rest was slowly built on natural way. Putee grew up into the beautifull dog lady (for sure great for shows ;-)) and was fully breathing for Jakub.

Putee was kind of maniac with a very low pain threshold, always giving 110% to any activity she made... She had lived in her own world - Jakub, discs, aports, running, action... This came from her mother Delphine and her father Valentino gave her kindness to people.

There was a time she was the queen of dogfrisbee not only in Czech republic, her freestyle routine was very powerfull and spectacular. Unfortunatuly she had an injury at her 3 years (knee ligaments and meniscus - she passed TTA method operation), which she recovered from after long recovery but Jakub stoped to play freestyle with her and focused on agility. She got on to A3 cathegory, she has participated 2 times at FMBB WC and had many other perfect runs...
Putee was beautifull, champion, with many of show titles too. She was selcted for breeding in Czech republic (KCHBO) and in France (CFCBB)... She is mother of 3 Deabei litters (C2, H2, K2) where many great dogs were born.

The end of her life came so fast and unexpected... She refused to eat, started to vomit... we took her on vet clinic where they found tumor in size of the tennis ball in her stomach that was growing every day... After 14 days of intensive care it did not stop and the pain and problems were also worse and worse. Regardless the pain she was suffering from on the regular dayly walks she was still very happy and running with toys or even swimming like she has no pain at all. But at home with no activity we could see she has pain.

To decide was very hard for us. The veterinarian came to put her to sleep on our garden.

Thank you Putee that you were here with us!