s.Ich.Ch. KID DYLAN van de Lamar, B.Tr.


Date of Birth : 22.3.1997

Date of Death: 23.1.2008

NHSB: 2134440
CMKU/BOT/: 2062/97/97/99
Breeder: Sandra Dubach, Holandsko,                  http://www.vandelamar.nl/

Owner: Ing.Beata Reimannová


66/67 cm Stud male (KCHBO) - Recommended, Selected (2003)


HD: 0/0 – FCI “A”(1998-ČR)
Elbows: 0/0 (2004-Finsko)
PRA+CATARACT (Eyes): neg. (2001, 2003)

Teeth: complete teeth, scissors



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ZVV1 (92/78/77), ZM (49/45/41), ZPU2 (81/84/81), ZPU1(78/48), ZOP(44/37), BH(82), VZ1(84´)
Character test KCHBO: 85p./0
Character test CFCBB: 2xCSAU,TAN exc.


2xCAJC, 3xr.CAC, 3xCKS, 10xCAC, CWC, 2x CACIB, r.CACIB, BOB
Winner of Poland 2001, Winner of intermediate class of central Europe 2001
National d´Elevage 2001 - Excellent 4
Junior Champion, Champion CZ, Club champion KCHBO, Interchampion,
Best breeding male of Club show KCHBO 2003


Moving: video of Kid´s moving in 8 years Kid´s moving in 8 years


1999 - Exa Týnská hora (6+2)
1999 - Akyra Porta Bohemica (3+2)
1999 - Anippe Deabei (4+4)
2000 - Carin Týnská hora (5+4)
2001 - Diva Deabei (2+2)
2001 - Erry od Kacky (4+3)
2002 - Jch.Denny Barnacky pramen (5+2)
2002 - Ch.Edis Arabat (4+2)
2002 - Naomi de Montmiral (3+4)
2002 - Eliss Barnacky pramen (4+1)
2003 - Bonna Fee Sen Vysociny (0+4)
2003 - Akyra Porta Bohemica (2+2)

2005 - Deborah Sixty Six - not pregnant

2006 - UYË VILWARIN des Etangs Sauvages (3+6)


Health of Kid's offsprings: overview is HERE...


Kid has frozen sperm in Australia (Kennel Erlander), Finland (Kennel Ketunpolun) and Czech rep. (Kennel Deabei).


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About Kid:

Oskar was very special dog, dominant one, full of energy and huge temperament. He was always very happy, playful and hectic but very sensitive too. I could really enjoy to train with him - he loves tracks, obedience as well as defence. We also tried rescue training but Oskar was too rash and barked too much too...

He was distrustful to people and environment when he was young but he get over it as years passed and he invites all friendly people later. He would love to sit on head to all of our visitors and force them to pet him. On the other hand he was reliable guard dog.

Oskar was the right partner for "bad-being"... He never let you being sad and knows to cheer you up in any situation.

If ever he was a man, he would be the type so-called "women, wine and singing". Oskar liked to eat a lot (anything) and belch in very specific and loud way after that (and most of his offspring). He loved all females and hated all males. Is also very noisy, grizzly and communicative. When he could not get over something in training he always started to bark on me with reproach.. And smile at me in the same time...

Oskar loveed water and swimming. He was very gentle to cats and other pets, he had herding abilities and he liked to hunt rabbits - but he would never hurt one anyway...


Oskar is deep in my heart. He was huge dog personality and those who knew him personally just must love him.