J - Deabei

Date of Birth: 24.02.2004



Catty Carin Sen Vysočiny

Catty Carin Sen Vysočiny, HD:A







s.r.Ragtime de la Clariere aux Louves, HD:A

s.r.Ragtime de la Clariere aux Louves



Males: Jalap, Jaska, Jivin, Juripo, Juve


Females: Jaunty, Jerrylee, Jocey

Jalap Deabei

CMKU/BOT/: 2818/04
Owner: Miluse Nováková, Meziborí



Teeth: full teeth, scissors


HD: B (2005) - MVDr. J. Ekr


Stud male 65/65cm


ZOP (98p), ZZO (58p), LA1

Character test KCHBO: 94p


r.CACIB, 3xresCAC, 2xCAC, Exc2


Death: 11,5 years - tumor in stomach


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Jaska Deabei

CMKU/BOT/: 2819/04
Owner: Piia Salonen, Finland, Kennel Ketunpolun



Teeth: full teeth, scissors


HD: 0/0 – FCI “A”(2005)

elbows: 0/0 – FCI “A”(2005)

X-ray of knees, shoulders and back : free (2005)

PRA+cataract: neg.(2005, 2009)

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5xBOB, 4.BIS Veteran, 3x BOB Veteran, 3x The Best Veteran, CQ, 6xCACIB,6xCAC, CAC (Est), 4x r.CAC,The Best Male, BOS, LTUjW-05, Winner of young class, Exc1, The Best Puppy, Very Promising1


2007 - Pikku Piskin Idenea (5 + 2)

2008 - Kettupaimenen Darkchin Sally (3+5)


Death: 11,5 years

Ch.Jivin Deabei,CGN

CMKU/BOT/: 2820/04
Owner: Nicole Barber, Canada, Kennel Synecdocke, http://www.synecdocke.com



Teeth: missing 1x PM1up, scissors

RTG DKK: OVC Evaluations - Normal (FCI "A")

RTG DLK: OVC Evaluations - Normal (FCI "A)

PRA+cataract: neg.(2005, 2006, 2007)

2008 - castration





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2xReserve winner dog, 2xWinner dog BOS, 2xWinner dog, 3xBOB



2005 - Can.Ch. Atim's clos du val d'Alsace (1+0)

2006- Ch. Synedocke's n'Spiritus Jazzmin (1+1)

2006 - Ch. Synecdocke's Heaven Can Wait (2+5)

2006 - Can.Ch. Synecdocke's Shewe Fly (5+5)

2007 - Ch.Synecdocke's Amblin Creek PT TT (4+2)

2007 - Ch. Synecdocke´s Heayen Can Wait (4+4)

2008 - Aica Von Remlar (malinois) - (7+3) - all puppies are malinois

Juripo Deabei

CMKU/BOT/: 2821/04
Owner: Eva Baronová, Benesov


Teeth: full teeth, scissors


Health:progessional brain tumor


Shows: Cannot be shown because of health handicap


Date of death : 13.10.2008 (a result of anaphylactic reaction after vaccination)

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Juve Deabei

CMKU/BOT/: 2822/04

Chip: 203096100116364

Owner: Eva Baronová, Benesov


Teeth: full teeth, scissors


63/67cm - Stud male KCHBO


HD: 0/0 – FCI “A”(2008)

elbows: 0/0 – FCI “A”(2008)

PRA+cataract: neg.(2008)

BAER test : normal/normal (2008)


Character test: 83p (KCHBO)


Shows: Exc1, r.CAC, 3x CAC, r.CACIB, National Winner 09



2011 - UYË WILWARIN des Étangs Sauvages (pyometra)

2012 - Rebeka Deabei (4+2) - puppies without pedigree


Date of death : 2.9.2016 - 12.5 years (consequence of acute aggressive tooth inflammation as a result of injury and damage)

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Ch.Jaunty Deabei

CMKU/BOT/: 2823/04
Owner: Susan J Quesnel, Canada, Kennel Atim´s


Teeth: full teeth, scissors

HD:OFA Good - FCI"A"
elbows: Normal - FCI "A"


PRA+cataract: neg.(2006)


Shows: Canadian Champion



2009 - Constantine Bergerac de Hu (5+2)

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Jerrylee Deabei

CMU/BOT/: 2824/04
Owner: Pavla Husáková, Radomilice



Teeth: full teeth, scissors

Health: nervous seizure - January 2008, epilepsy

HD: B (2006) - MVDr. J. Ekr


Shows: VG2


Death: 17.3.2016 - 12years - failure kidney

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Jocey Deabei

CMKU/BOT/: 2825/04
Owner: Petra Husáková, Radomilice


Teeth: missing 2X PM4 down, scissors


Jocey got lost in 2006 and is still missing...

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