Isengard´s DRUM

Date of Birth: 22.4.2012


Chip: 981020005690757

ČMKU/BOT/: 6244/-12/12

Breeder: Lorra Miller, Los Gatos, CA, USA

CHS Isengard

Owners: Hana Abrahámová, Jamolice + Beata Štýbrová


Teeth: compleete, scissors bite

Brood female, DNA




HD: 0/0 - FCI"A" (2013)
ED: 0/0 - FCI"A" (2013)
shoulders: neg. (2013)

tyhroid: high value of thyroid (from 2/2016 - because BAFR)

- from 9/2016 tyhroid: NORMAL

- from 5/2018 higher thyroid again, after abort puppies - after this we decided no mate her anymore



Character test KCHBO: 87b




The Best Young Tervueren Female 2013



2015 - Hooper Deabei (3+3)

2017 - Kabor Dog Arabat (3+2) - CHS Moravia Merilen

2018 - Nayko Grimmendans - death puppies 1 week before



About Drum :

Drumka was a coincidence. She was born the same day as my Delphine died . It was a sign, and so I perceived myself and breeder Lorra Miller. Drumka comes from two groenedaels, two beautiful and clever parents (the father of Spanish beautiful dog S.R. Besos De D'Artamas and mother is US BISS Ch Isengard's Taliesin), that is unrelated to most tervuerens.

At the time a new puppy not even thought about the loss of Delphine ached home pack + Juki and Prot with which we are intensively trained and we agreed with my friend and breeder Hanka Abrahampva (CHS Moravia Merilen) and Drumka lives with her daughter Vlaďka.

Drumka - What is it? She is beautiful, delicate, elegant. It's such a doll, sweet and very kind to his family, guards (but nothing serious), is no reaction to the shooting or strange noises. She has a very beautiful bones, head with great lines, a beautiful rich coat and excellent movement. With Vladka doing agility "for fun" it is mainly with family dog ?and companion. She has a strong talent for herding. She is very easy to handle.