AMMA Arabat


Date of Birth : 15.02.1992

Date of Death : 5.12.2006

CSHPK: 588/92/95

Breeder: Alexandra Burláková, Ústí nad Labem

Owner: Ing.Beata Reimannová + Ing. Zdenek Janda


59/60cm Stud Female (KCHBO)


HD: 0/0 – FCI “A” (1997)

Teeth: complete teeth, scissors



3x CAC, 2xr.CAC, 2xCKS, VTO, Regional

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winner, Club winner 1995
Best breeding female 1997 + 1998


1995 - Ch. Boy z Krumlovského údolí, B.Tr. ( A - Deabei)
1996 - ICH. One Way van de Hoge Laer ( B - Deabei)
1997 - s.r. Ch. Djaegar van de Lamar ( C - Deabei)
1998 - Ch. Enrico Rudolfovská skála, B.Tr. ( D -Deabei)


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About Amma:

Amma is very dominant and temperament female. She got to when she was 2 years old as conflict and uncontrollable "monster". She attacked people a does not like children especially. She was nervous in the town traffic and she hunt in the forest... That all came from her 2-year-stay by the people who loved her but did not understand her character at all. She spend all her time guarding the garden provoked by local children... After the family sold their garden and took Amma to the flat in the town, they realized what dog they have - conflict and uncontrollable one.... That time I found an ad and brought a bride to my Neck.

Amma got used to live with us very fast and because I took her to different places and got her into various situations, she got much better and became normal dog. I only kept her out of children anytime.

She became a great retrieval and she worked very well. Generally she is a little nervous and choleric character. She invites thunderously, was good in defence of course and her obedience was nice. But tracks she liked only because there was always some rabbit or mouse on he field...

When somebody ask me about Amma, I give two stories... She was never afraid of shooting or storms but she had positive reaction anyway. When there was a fireworks she starts to bark very furiously, jump into the sky and fall down on her back... and again and again...

Amma became very social but in contact with other dogs she always try to subordinate them. I cannot forget when she saw Oskar after 6 years... She was 13 years old and tried to get him on back. It was not difficult for Oskar to get her on back in a second. She got up start to smile start to try to subordinate him again...

She was good mother but she liked to guard puppies most. From the 1st week she spend most of the time barking outdoor...

Since she was 6 years she lives by our family friends where is in the centre of attention and beloved. Her strong dominance was the reason to put Amma out of my pack - she had stronger influence then I could have... She learned dominant dogs to be the same and she trampled supple dogs. In her fights she has never bite seriously - she only wanted to show who is the leader...

In spite of it all is Amma very pleasant, gentle and pet animal... She has huge heart... It is just her story so "hard". Not many people did really understand her :o)

Amina was 14-year-old on 15.2.2006... And she still guards...