Ch. BOY z Krumlovského údolí, B.Tr


Date of Birth : 25.4.1992

Date of Death : 25.6.2005

CSHPK: 618/92/94

Breeder: Helena Grzondzielová, Moravský Krumlov

Owner: Ing.Beata Reimannová + Barbora Szerudová,Zár


67/67cm, Stud male


HD: 0/0 – FCI “A” (1997)

Teeth: complete teeth, scissors


 Ch. BOY z Krumlovského údolí, B.Tr

ZVV1 (73,96,82), ZPU1(69)


Winner of young class, 3xCAC, CKS, 3xr.CAC, Winner of working class, Regional winner
Champion of Czech rep.


1994 - Bora z Jinonické terasy (5+3)
1995 - Amma Arabat (4+2)


Neck's live was long and very rich. He was definitely not the most beautiful tervueren, but he had amazing unique character and he is deeply written in my heart as "the First"... He loved all people and was excellent defender simultaneously, huge loved aports and all plays. He came out in rescue training and was quite good in tracking. He had heart of gold, he never stoped to laugh and was in a good mood all the time...

From his 9 years, when he became paralyzed on his back legs for 2 months, he suffered from closing of ducts of pith on loin's vertebras. Thanks to patient treatment and his unbelievable live energy he stayed with us another 4 years - in spite of all vet prognosis. Still cheerful and agile.

Neck had a stroke in December 2004. He recovered in 2 months and except slower movement he was healthy.

He died during the night in peace. He was 13 years and 2 months.


 Ch. BOY z Krumlovského údolí, B.Tr