working litter - "X3" Deabei


Lebenswolf Air Max x Crocsy de Gloria Doberwille






Mating: 26.6.2023

Day of birth : 27.8.2023


7 males + 3 females



males: Xak, Xanax Xavier, Xcalibur, Xent, Xenon, Xray

females: Xandy, Xari, Xix



Lebenswolf Air Max, service dog of the Prison Service of the Czech Republic, imported from Germany (Ingo van de Lemanhof, KNPV-PH2 + Nell des Fauves de Malines, OB3) x Crocsy dei Gloria Doberville, BH, import Portugal ( Hot Dog de Deux Sabres, RING3, Mondioring 3, World Winner FMBB 2016, 4th place WCH FCI, Mondioring... + Aruba Kninept, Mondioring 3, úč. WCH FCI Mondioring)


Max has a clear head, tough defense, excellent nose and natural stopping style, retriever, normal at home, in the car, in the kennel... Crocsa has an extreme commitment to work, crazy retriever, friendly, strong in defense, sportsman who can fight, adores water and swimming, excellent search focus, barking, voracious.


We expect puppies suitable for all possible dog sports and service. The puppies will leave us socialized, used to people, children, play and the environment.


Only for nice people who know what a working Belgian needs + want a Tervueren/Malinois to work with and will work with, at the same time it will be a member of their life.