working tervueren - summer


external litter "Q"


Brixie Venuska, LA1 x Viper Deabei, IGP1, BH




Date of mating : 5.2.2022

Date of birth: 6.4.2022



3 males + 7 females

males: Qai, Quark, Quest

females: Quantity, Queen, Quera, Quinta, Quippy, Quota, Quaya




Quark still avalaible...




Both parents are healthy ... HD: A, ED: 0/0, spondy: 0, LTV: 0, SDCA1 + 2: N / N, CJM: N / N Both parents character test CMC: 5555555, balanced, willing, self-confidence.

Viper Deabei, IGP1 - prepared by Vladimír Košťál at IGP2.

Viper is the son of Ulu from Gratsiano, IGP3, CACT, brother of Vano Deabei, IGP3 (Vice-champion of the republic CMC 21, 2x CACT), Vampari, IGP3, Valnoota, IGP3, Visky, IGP3, Vuki, MR1, Veget, ZVV2 - whole V litter HD : A, ED: 0/0.

Brixie Venuska and her owner Míša are dedicated to agility and recreationally and athletes ... she is the daughter of Ch.Tr.Charona Deabei, IGP3, 5xCACT, accounting 2x FMBB, 1x MS FCI and split Axy Cave Canin, IPO1 ... she carries blood outside others also Mastra de Alphaville Bohemia, IGP3, FMBB, WCh.Klemma Roten Falken ... at the same time there is a half-sister of our Apple Deabei, LA3, "Pippi" by Jakub Štýbr. Brixie is the sister of the great Bellon Venusek - HRD dog, rescue dog in Ukraine.


I expect a sports litter, full of energy ... for sports, rescue and agility ... only to people who want to train.


The puppies will be bred by the owner Mirka Holečková in Sezemice, but we will be with them every week :)



SPORT tervueren - summer


external litter "R"

Dartagnan, BH x Finta Deabei, BH



Date of birth : 24.2.2022

Date of birth: 26.4.2022



5 males + 3 females



males: Ramses, Raven, Red, Ringo, Ronin

females: Riga, Rosa a Roxy


Red Deabei avalaible






Our Dartagnan, BH had a bride ... Fintu Deabei, BH (Pram Deabei, IGP3, CACT x Ch.BIS. Oliva Deabei, ZM), sister of the great Fire Deabei, LA3, qualified for FMBB 22. Finta is dedicated to all possible dog sports (rescue, flyball, sports) - she is a crazy retriever, with a commitment to the owner Andrea Grosmannová.

Dartagnan is a balanced, confident, dog with a clean head, works for the owner, with strong focus, vigorous defense with strong full bites, excellent nose on the tracks. Medium strong dog, excellent body, jumps, movement, always full of energy, which, however, can rest well at home.



Puppies suitable for all possible dog sports - agility, obedience, flyball, rescue, but also sports, only for those really interested in the breed. More info at the owner of the female Andrey Grosmannová or at me.


show litter - Summer 022




RE.Ch. Nayko Grimmendans, IPO2 x Tambourine Deabei



Date of mating: 7.3.2022

Date of birth: 7.5.2022



5 males + 2 females


boys: Sabaton, Simba, Sirius, Sony, Spok

girls: Safari, Sakura


Sirius ještě k zadání




We went to Belgium to see Nayko, now an eight-year-old, experienced stallion, the father of many excellent and healthy litters around the world.

Nayko is an elegant dog with an ideal head and excellent normal temperament + in addition with the IPO2 test. s.r.Ich.Ch. Grimmendans Nayko, IPO2 (s.r., SS, Ch. KENT d'Aquivelt x Ch. Grimmendans KACHET) x Jch. Tambourine Deabei (s.r.Ch.Irresistibile Mister Red dei Baci Rubati x Ilein Deabei) Both complement each other perfectly.


Puppies suitable for shows, as active companions, from sports rather agility, obedience.