working litter - "A4" Deabei



Reeves du Clan des des Lémovices x Zuki Deabei


Mating: 14.2.2024 - pregnacy confirmed




Zuki Deabei, one of the last descendants of the famous CH.Tr. Espoira du Mafran, approx. 90x RING3, recognized sire and last daughter of s.r.Ut. Juki Tarkatan, IPO3, CACT, wc.FMBB 2015 is expecting babies.


It was successful and 7-8 puppies could be seen on the sono...


Zuki works for the prison service as a searcher and at the same time is a family dog. For the pleasure of bites (full, firm, calm snacks). She is a true daughter of Juki - confident, independent, friendly, action-oriented.


After being very satisfied with our Z litter, we selected Reeves once again and asked the CMC club for an intervariety cross.

Reeves du Clan des Lémovices, import from France, son of the excellent Joss de las 4 Estaciones, RING3 and Nelly du Clan des Lémovices, RING2, young action, social dog, with excellent jumps, cheerful balanced nature.


We are expecting a sporting litter of groenendaels and only for people who want to do sports with them and will do sports. This is an external litter, the babies will be pampered in the owner's family, where I will go for regular visits.