we present

s.r.Ich.Mch. Mustantuiskun Wanilla Twist, B.Tr.


Date of Birth : 18.6.2000
Father: Mustantuiskun Power Ranger
Mother: Mustantuiskun Ranskatar
Exames: BH, JK1, JK2, CSAU, TAN

Test of obediance: 174points (no shooting reaction)
Shows: Interchampion, Champion of Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Sweden,

s.r.Ich.Mch. Mustantuiskun Wanilla Twist, B.Tr.

Winner of Baltic states 2001, Lithuanian winner 2003, many CACIB, BOB, BOS (in competition of 85 females), BIS... Exc3(working class, Monidial show Francie), Exc3(working class,France National d´Elavage) + Sujet Recommendé
HD: 0/0 - FCI "A"

RTG DLK: 0/0

Eyes: PRA+Cataract: neg.

Test of pancreas: 14 - healthy.




2005 - ICh.Ch. Kensis van de Weiwakers, B.Tr. (A - Ketunpolun)


Breeder: Tarja Piispa, Virolahti, Finsko, http://personal.inet.fi/koti/mustantuiskun/
Owner: Piia Salonen, Mantta, Finsko,


A few words about Viira:

Viira is simply beautiful , healthy and balanced tervueren female. Her owner Piia Salonen is engage mostly in dog tracking with her. They already have completed exams JK1, JK2 and they used to compete as well. I met her on my visit in Finland on May 2004 and could see their tracking. It was surprising to me, that tracks are put in forest only and that they do not insist on following track so much as on subjects found and the time spend on the track. Also they used to put a lot of subjects which are made of wooden sticks, which is plenty all aroud...


Viira by her owner Pia:

Her character is quite strainge... One time she is just a mamas girl, she likes
to be hugged and she sleeps every night (not in the summer if it's hot) my bed.
She loves to sleep on her back and usually I wake up in the middle of the night
because her back legs(feet) are om my face!!! And other time she is like a big
strong defender. She really defends me from everything. Actually she defends
everything she thinks is her property...car, our house, Jaska&Jazzi...She loves
to fight, and she doesn't care if the other one is much bigger like giant
snautzer she just go over!!
Then she comes to me like mami mami I did it for you...great! But I just love
her :) I don't know any thing she really scares, she hates to go to vet but
that is not the same. She doesn't scare shooting, thunder or fireworks!! I
think belgians should have lots of character!!!

I have compete with her on tracking several times in beginners and open class.
She is very good in tracking but she don't like obedience so much. We have
compete only 2 times in plain obedience(TOKO) but she has got 1st prize both
times :)

Now Viira is on diet and we are starting to our trainigs again. I want to get
her few results from tracking before we try to have babies again...


What more?? Viira hates..

1. Other dogs who don't respect her
2. me if her dinner is late
3. bad busses! (after our trip to France..)

Viira´s gallery: