we present

s.r.Narval de Brunalines, B.Tr.

Date of Birth: 27.05. 1997

Date of Death: 26.04.2005 (cancer of liver)
Father: Go Boy de la Douce Plain
Mother: Ivory Moon de Brunalines
Exames: Brevet, 2xMondioring 1, TAN Test de Championat, CSAU
Shows: many of Excellent 1, r.CACS, CACS, r.CACIB...,Excellent 1 - National d´Elevage 2001 Premier Choix, Sujet Recommendé
HD: 0/0 - FCI "A"
Breeder: Mme. Monique Muller, France
Owner: Mmn. Veronique di Rienzo, France

s.r.Narval de Brunalines, B.Tr.


A few words about Narval:

Narval exceled at balanced character and beautiful type, red colour and full mask. One of his advantage was of course his pedigree, which is not full of most famous and most used stud males.

He was extraordinarily friendly to the people together with huge drive for working. Narval was briliant defender and has no shooting reaction.

Narval was father of our Ch Deabei litter - 3 males and 3 females. All the litter has complete teeth and scissors. Every male had testicles on the place from the age of 5 months.

Chaka, Chika and Cho Deabei are already X-rayed for hips and elbows with HD:A. Chaka Deabei was The Best Young Belgian shepherd of the year 2003 in Czech rep. and is double Club winner 2004 (KBB - CZ, Hungary), he trains all-round training (IPO). Chino Deabei trains agility and all-round training (IPO) too.

We planed to use Narval again in Deabei in the future...we are very sorry, that we can´t do it...and that he died so quick and unexpectedly, so young...
Narval was my big dog love, he was the dog I prefere in breeding...he was the combination of nice exterier, genetic health and absolutly balanced character...


Narval by her owner Veronique:

What can I say about Narval…..he was simply MARVELLOUS !!!!!
He has gone and it is so painful for me to speak about him, but Beata asked me to do it.
His character was fantastic, never frightened nothing could scared him !
Each year he was looking at the fireworks outside.
Excellent defender, of course with me, but also with all the family.
At home he was the chief, and outside also….Nedje my male groenendael and Swannie my female TERVUEREN (his niece) following him as a shadow.
He was also very confident with people.
I remember the first time I went to a club to train him for defense, everybody told me but he is a dog from beauty, so you never arrived…..but I believed in him and he arrived. He has had his brevet of defense and 2 exams in mondioring 1 , we were training for level 2.
In France not a lot of Tervueren 100% beauty are working in defense.(may be one or two) So we were very proud we won….together.
I have so much marvellous stories with him that it is impossible to write them in a few lines…
I am sure he understood everything I said, always looking at me and doing things before I asked him, only through a look. Sometimes I asked me if he didn’t read my mind.
Now I miss him so much, he left me so quick too quick !!!
We had together a real love story, he was exceptional and , and, and…..
The only chance I have now is to see the fantastic litter he has with Alma in Kennel DEABEI.


Our Berger Belge are exceptional dogs so please take care of them !!!


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