"Longhair camp"

International training camp

for tervuerens and groenendaels (not only:o)


tracking: Mika Lindberg, FIN, Beata Štýbrová, CZ, Michaela Rubášová, CZ

obedience: Beata Štýbrová, CZ , Jan Farkač, CZ , Michaela Rubášová, CZ
Monika Votýpková, CZ

protection: Lars Demke, D , Julen Fernandez, Spain

translation: Laila Ooms (protection), Monika Votýpková (tracking)

Honza Farkač (tracking/obedience)

Volenice - 2.7.-8.7.2017


" Also long hair Belgian shepherd is suitable for a schutzhund sport... but if we never train, we will never know whatever it is truth "

Training camp specialized in training IPO, individual tracking, obedience and helper work.



Entered people:


Dog center Ajax, Volenice http://www.dogcenter.cz/




1 dog + 1 person: 350 Euro

second dog : 100Euro

person without dog: 250 Euro

Price included: One week lodgings in a hotel (small rooms 2-3 beds + WC), food 3x a day and individual training (7 instructors)

Dogs are allowed in the room or can stay in the roomy kennels - prize 2Euro/day



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More info :

Beata Štýbrová - beata.stybrova@seznam.cz